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We crafted Jolene’s identity to honor the urban edge and vibrancy of up-and-coming West Dallas, designed to attract entrepreneurs, influencers, doers, and movers. By blending the spirit of West Dallas with forward-thinking design, we created a brand that captures the essence of a come-to-stay lifestyle, making Jolene a standout destination.

Image of style guide brochure with layouts showingtype treatments, colors,and lifestyle images.
Image of outdoor hoarding for Jolene with randed colors and logo.
Image of olene wayfinding ign with branded colors and map.
Image of Jolene branded member card key.
Image of Jolene sales brochures and business cards.
Image of posters with Jolene logo and graphics hanging on wall.
Image of branded canvas tote with Jolene logo repeated vertically.

* Residential Portfolio Disclaimer: Exclusive Permission to Use by PSW Real Estate, LLC dba StoryBuilt. Copyright @ PSW Real Estate, LLC

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