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We developed Frank’s brand story to resonate with city lovers, locals, and expats alike. We embraced the spirit of weekend wanderers, flexible workers, and those who love to stay and play. Our strategy envisioned a lifestyle starting with morning coffee, transitioning through a pickup game of pickleball, and ending with a cocktail at night.

Image of the Frank sales brochure with various lifestyle images and information on the development.
Image of a man walking in front of Frank Development hoarding with lifestyle images and Frank branding.
Image of a mobile devicewith a screen image of the Frank website.
Image of Frank signon a tiled wall with greenery.
Image of a Frank Branded mural outside with a man on bicycle riding past.
Image of outdoor Frank wayfinding signage.
Image of Frank branded wine bag with Frank logo.
Image of Frank branded canvas bag filled with fresh vegetables and fruit.

* Residential Portfolio Disclaimer: Exclusive Permission to Use by PSW Real Estate, LLC dba StoryBuilt. Copyright @ PSW Real Estate, LLC

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