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Our approach for Josephine blends the rich, historic charm of Columbia City with a contemporary, exciting lifestyle, aiming to attract a buyer excited to see this neighborhood blossom. By highlighting Josephine's stylish residences and its deep connection to the dynamic community, we positioned it as the perfect blend of elegance and modernity.

Josephine style guide layout.
Josephine hoarding with branded artwork
Josephine metal signage on concrete building wall.
Barista with beanie in cafe pouring milk in an espresso shot.
Josephine branded coffee.
Josephine branded umbrella on yellow background.
Josephine illustrations on brown background.
Josephine branded, enamel pins on green beanie.

* Residential Portfolio Disclaimer: Exclusive Permission to Use by PSW Real Estate, LLC dba StoryBuilt. Copyright @ PSW Real Estate, LLC

Josephine branded envelopes with colorful pattern inserts in envelopes.
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