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For Maris, a pre-development luxury condominium project in Puerto Rico, we crafted a hip, sexy branding strategy designed to captivate and inspire investors. Our approach melded sophisticated design with an alluring lifestyle narrative, highlighting the exclusivity and vibrancy of Maris.

Image of the Maris Sales brochure.
Image of the Maris business card design using brand colors and design.
Image of Maris invite with building sketch and black branded envelope.
Image of an early design sketch of the property.
Image of sales collateral in an open envelope folder and a closed folder.
Image of Maris design language shapes in brand colors.
Image of an open sales brochure with interior shot on the left and an aerial sketch on the right.
Image of a Maris poster hanging on the wall with the picture of a woman in the ocean.
Image of an archway window looking out ono the ocean and palm tree.
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