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The Goodwin


The Geyser Group approached us with a logo outline and aspirations for a brand that stood apart. We led with insouciant-cool by blending retro and modern elements, diving deep into creating a distinctive and stylish identity. Our approach captured the essence of East Austin’s eclectic vibe, ensuring that every design cue reflected the perfect balance of nostalgic charm and contemporary vibes.

Image of The Goodwin Style Guide with examples of typography and patterns.
Image of Goodwin brochure covers in a fanned arrangement.
Image of mobile device being held in a hand with a social post of the pool on the screen.
Image of outdoor signage lit up at night.
Image of a laptop on the desktop with the wensite leasing screen present.
Image of the hoarding outside of the construction site with The Goodwin branding logo and pattenrns on it.
Image of a rolled white towel with green trim and the Goodwin branded on it.
Image of square coasters with the goodwin logo on the front and a pattern on the back.
Image of the cover of a sales brochure with a woman sitting on the side of a pool.
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